Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Rubbish That Is American Idol

I like to watch the program, American Idol with my mumsy. That Simon is quite an amusing fellow, very interesting. The interaction between the judges themselves adds to my research for this site. I was most disappointed this season as it is nothing that it is supposed to be. It's turned into a silly popularity contest instead of a singing competition. Everyone that has the slightest bit of individuality gets removed from the show whilst those with little to no talent at all go on. I didn't like when that silly boy, Sanjaya continued in favor of Sundance. Sure, the guy didn't pick the best songs to sing but he was better than that silly boy. Then Stephanie got kicked off, also more talented that silly boy and that "forgettable" as Simon would put it, Haley who advances on sex appeal alone. Then the fellow that looked like Jack Osbourne got kicked off. He had the same problem as Sundance, a good deal of talent but poor choices. Tonight was a big slap in the face for those of us that actually have an identity of our own. Gina the rocker chick got kicked off in favor of the no talent Haley. At least Gina stayed on key and she had a neat little lizard toy. I'd like to play with something like that. I love toys. Sorry, ADD Jack Russell moment, a little distraction with the toy rambling, getting back now. Even though the producers didn't like her hair, dress or tongue pearcing she left it in anyway because that is who she is. In truth that is all one can ask or expect from anyone, though it is seldom seen and that is to be real. One should be oneself and not pretend to be anything they aren't. Too much emphasis is put on appearences. In reality, people that wear fine clothes and stare down their noses at others because "they aren't our kind of people" are really ugly. Some of the most beautiful people in the world have pearcings, mohawks or deformities. That is something most humans don't understand. Keep trying to help them pups. There is still hope for them. For the meen time, Rock On, Gina.

Monday, April 2, 2007

A Very Sad Act Of Silliness

There was a couple in India who terminated their own physical existance after their dog, Puppy, who was 13 years old departed his physical body. I'm sorry but I just don't understand why humans doo such silly things. Everything else in the natural world struggles to survive at all cost but humans sometimes destroy themselves. It's really rediculous. I'm sure they loved Puppy but he probably wouldn't have wanted them to harm themselves. Perhaps they thought of him as a child since they didn't have any human children. Sometimes humans do things that are so strange only they understand them I suppose.