Sunday, March 25, 2007

An Introduction

Greetings, My name is Alois Goodall-Cobbleman. Most humans think of me as an extraordinary little canine. I have been studying human behavior for the past five years. My experiences have been mixed to tell you the truth, good reader. I did not get the luxury Dr. Goodall did by seeing the best side first. For the first eight to ten months of my life I had seen humans at some of their worse behavior. I was abandoned to wander the streets, had been sorely beaten to the point that I nearly lost my eye and have been left with epilepsy before being captured by the human known as the dog catcher. It was there that I found the better side of humans. I was locked in a little cage with another dog who was no the friendliest but at least I got fed. It was there that I met the good humans. Their dog had just departed his physical, leaving behind my poor brother, Corker. They came and looked at all the little dogs. I was not the first choice, the little Peke was taken but I was surely the second. The humans surrounded my cage making strange noises that resembled kissing sounds and petting me through the cage. Then they did the most wonderful thing. They adopted me. I couldn't go home then. I really wanted to but they had to "fix" me. Frankly I didn't think I was broken but whatever it was I'm all better now. I was very drowsy when the humans picked me up so my initial observations are somewhat unreliable. My brother, Corker was in my face screaming and wanting to play but I was tired. He told mum I was broken but in truth I could not have been because I was fixed. Over the past five years I have lived with this family and they've grown to love me as I do them. However, most importantly I've learned that no matter how bad some humans are there are always good ones. These people are full of compassion, which is the greatest form of love as it is limitless, doesn't necessarily need to go out to one's own species and can go out to creatures we may never even meet in our real lives. I will use this blog to share my knowledge of human behavior with the canine community and to draw attention to animals in need. Until we meet again I bid you farewell, Alois Goodall-Cobbleman

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