Saturday, March 31, 2007

Scotland Has a Glut Of Homeless Tripods

There have been many wonderful techniques that have been developed that can save a pet's life after serious injury, usually the cost to the animal is the loss of a limb. Formerly these injuries would have ended in death from the injury or the euthanasia option being chosen. Now there are many pets that are missing limbs but are able to continue with their lives suffering few if and consiquences. A good and loving human companion, like the kind I have, would keep their little fur friend for the rest of his/her life. However, there are the humans who can not stand the look of a "tripod" (said in the most affectionate terms by the way) or just don't want to be bothered anymore. These irresponsible humans abandon their former friends to face their fate on the street, vet office or animal shelter. I ask you, could one be any more cold and unfeeling? They probably can but I'd like to think not. I find humans a rather queer species. They are capably of such compassion and kindness but sometimes inflict unspeakable cruelty upon those in which they share the earth with. Obviously not all humans are bad. However, in all the world humans are the only ones, except Chimpanzees who are so close to being human, that set out to inflict harm on another being without necessarily needing a reason. That's sad. I don't like to think about that. I like to think good, soothing thoughts about my humans playing ball with me. Anyway back to the delama of the tripods. They end up in precarious situations because humans abandoned them. There is a really big problem with tripods running around as strays as well as being left in animal shelters and vets offices. Animals that are tripods can live just as good a quality life as any other dog so if you're able to, consider adopting one. Alois Goodall-Cobbleman

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