Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Preserving Flagship Species:A chance For Action

The Human in the place that is known as the White House, you know the peculiar fellow with the funny accent, wants to reduce funding for the Multinational Species Conservational Fund. This fund helps give money for conservational programs in places that are very poor in order to preserve flagship species. Flagship species is a term for very famous animals people are more likely to care about like Rhinos, Chimpanzees and Tigers to name a few. These species are under threat from poaching, human encroachment, disease and loss of habitat. The Bush administration got a silly idea to cut funding by $2,000,000. Many of the animals supported by the fund will disappear if changes are not made and aid is not given. The support of the fund will also assist humans in these poor areas by bringing in jobs that are involved with ecotourism and conservation. If you, good reader, feel so inclined please write your congressperson to ask them to support the Multinational Species Conservational Fund. Let's keep our wildlife alive and free. In saving animals and wild habitats in turn the humans can save themselves. Here is a link to where one can access information on how to contact your representatives. Thank you for your time, Alois Goodall-Cobbleman.

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