Monday, March 26, 2007

A Very Strange Case Of Human Behavior

It is my duty to write about all sorts of behavior I've observed in the humans. This is by far one of the strangest behaviors I've ever heard of. Apparently a Palestinian woman had attempted to smuggle three small Crocodiles from Egypt to Gaza. This is truly and odd behavior that few canines have ever documented. The strange human taped their mouths shut and strapped the Crocodiles to her abdomen. She was trying to hide them under her dress but border patrol agents from the European Union noticed the strange bulge in the woman's clothes. She claims that she intended to sell the animals to a zoological society in Gaza. Though this story is rather humorous it saddens me deeply to think about the horrors experienced by animals at the hands of human smugglers. At least thousands of parrots, reptiles and other animals die every year being smuggled to various parts of the world. Many of the animals are used for the wild and domestic animal trade.

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